Excalibur is useful for fusion sword ws for sc purpose

May 17, 2014


Excalibur is useful for fusion sword ws for sc purpose

In the two large rooms you will kill all the gears to spawn the gate thing, make sure it used reinforcements and then kill all the clusters with subduction. Don need amazing nuke gear for this but even some nq jakri will help a lot.You see him use a gate to spawn cerberus near the end, you must do this to get the larger cerberus final boss who drops a frayed sack. Twashtar doesn seem highly regarded for dnc, and people seem to prefer excalibur to almace on rdm? I intend to play mostly solo, and in group play I assume I be caster rdm 99% of the time, so I figure group considerations aren that relevant.Twashtar is generally the best offhand for dagger jobs so yes they are good.Excalibur is useful for fusion sword ws for sc purpose.

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