The group refining business posted a loss of 16 million euros

September 10, 2014


The group refining business posted a loss of 16 million euros

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monlcer down jackets Margins fell nearly 25 percent year on moncler sale outlet year and fuel sales volumes dropped 14 percent, due to maintenance shutdowns and lower demand. [ID:nN12239400]In the first moncler outlet online three months Saras posted a first quarter fall of 85 percent in core earnings as weak margins and maintenance at its Sarroch refinery took their toll.ERG reported a 300 percent rise in its cheap moncler coats mens adjusted core earnings to 50 million euros. The rise was driven mainly by the good performances in thermoelectric and renewable energy sectors.The group refining business posted a loss of 16 million euros, better than the loss of 24 million euros in the same period last year which however was affected by general maintenance shut down.. monlcer down jackets

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