We tested the dock updater in a canada goose outlet eu lot of

September 28, 2013


We tested the dock updater in a canada goose outlet eu lot of

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Canada Goose Jackets IAMA Microsoft employee working in Surface, specifically in the Commercial/Enterprise test team. I using my personal account (hence the lack of flair), so I should probably throw that out there first.We tested the dock updater in a canada goose outlet eu lot of different scenarios, and I can say specifically that this was tested with Bitlocker enabled and as far as I aware there should be zero issues with canada goose outlet parka Bitlocker if you install the dock updater and reboot unless you have changed your boot order after you Bitlocker the device, of course, as that canada goose womens outlet could potentially trigger a boot problem if you have a bootable canada goose outlet online USB key in or you attempt to PXE boot after a reboot, but those things are not specific to the dock canada goose jacket outlet uk updater tool.Also, note that the update requires a few dock power cycles, so if you pushing this update to your users, you will probably canada goose outlet canada want to make sure you review at some point which devices have the firmware updates, and which might need the dock to be removed from the device and re attached to continue the update (if you ever updated the SP4 dock manually via the UI in the past, you know there a few times you are told to remove the dock from the unit and plug it back in to continue updating).Lastly, while the canada goose outlet MCU and DP updates will happen automatically via the driver installed since the February driver/firmware updates to Surface (these updates have been available on WU since February 2016 as well), updating the 2 USB hubs inside the dock to get the USB fixes and also the fixes for Ethernet and canada goose outlet in toronto Audio that are a part of this update do require that you use the UI to do so. The reason being that due to the way the dock is designed internally, they (there are 2 USB hubs inside) cannot be updated automatically without running the risk of potentially bricking the dock (as everything is downstream from the USB hubs MCU, DP, Audio, Ethernet, USB ports) Canada Goose Jackets.

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