You can find this connector in the form of certain headers

June 24, 2014


You can find this connector in the form of certain headers

He filed an appeal in the high court challenging the conviction.The bench of justice JK Maheshwari and justice Akhil Kumar Srivastava of high court, Jabalpur said in its judgment that perusal of the medical of the girl, the sign of commission of rape is present but brutality to the body is not present, though she was found dead bench, however, said the finding of conviction for the offences committed didn warrant interference but on the question if the case was rarest of rare the bench cited the Supreme Court guidelines drawn on circumstances and circumstances in the case of Bachan Singh. The bench also cited the Apex Court observation in certain other cases to arrive at its judgment.Commuting the death penalty to sentence the remainder life subject to any remission by the government for good reasons the bench said the record indicated that the convict was left by his mother and was residing alone. He was living separately from his family at the age of 21 years and the probability of his being rehabilitated and reformed couldn be ruled out.

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